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Noa Chernichovsky, a ceramic artist, was born in Jerusalem in 1990 and currently resides in Tel Aviv and London. She holds a MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art, London (2022) and a BFA in Ceramics and Glass from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2016). She also had the opportunity to study in Bornholm, Denmark at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014.

In 2018, Noa founded the Ceramic in Frishman ceramic school in Tel Aviv, a significant hub for ceramic education in Israel.

Chernichovsky is represented (2022) by the Charles Burnand Gallery in London. Her works have been featured in various exhibitions, museums, and private collections across the UK, Europe, and Israel, including notable institutions such as the Faenza International Ceramics Museum, The Natural History Museum, and more.  In 2023, Noa was honored to be shortlisted for the MIC 62nd Faenza Prize and the Brookfield Properties Craft Award at Collect. Her dedication to her craft has earned her prestigious scholarships, including the Clore-Bezalel Scholarship for her MA studies in 2020 and The Blumenthal Award for Excellence in 2016.


Noa Chernichovsky’s work is based on a constant awareness of her immediate surroundings as she moves in the world. She examines the network of associations that is created around objects and their fragments, tying together their inherent narratives.  Her work aims a spotlight on the everyday physical things that we often overlook, and she reconstructs them into hybrid ceramic volumes. The aesthetic at the core of her practice is based on the urban imagery of the asphalt road or sidewalk as a constant that’s inhabited by transient, colorful imagery. 

Chernichovsky sees herself as a “sampler” of surfaces and forms from the physical world.  Her sculptures are composed of many elements, each with its own context and cultural value.  As in a collage, these elements accumulate into a larger image that holds its own various identities and creates a dreamlike new environment.  She combines different ceramic techniques that include thrown parts, hand-building, and slab molding, blended with non-ceramic materials and readymade. Although the subjects of her work are mundane, they are conveyed in a language that is over-the-top, with elaborate textures and patterns that produce a final image full of energy.

Noa works to commission as well as for exhibition and installation. She is open to conversations with galleries and is interested in residencies globally. Her practice is currently studio-based, where she continues to research and develop her work as well as seek external opportunities.




​2021-2022      MA, Ceramics & Glass, The Royal College of Art, London, UK 

2015- 2017     Teaching Certificate in Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 

2012-2016      B.F.A (Honor), Ceramics & Glass, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 

2015                 Exchange Student, Ceramics & Glass, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Bornholm, Denmark


Selected Exhibitions

2024      Collect art fair, Charles Burnand Gallery, Somerset House, London, UK
2024       Air, quiet, Beit Binyamini, The Israeli Ceramic Center, Israel
alon Art & Design, Charles Burnand Gallery, New York, USA
2023      Planet Rock, Charles Burnand Gallery, London Design Festival, London, UK
2023      Connected Vessels, Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art, Hazorea, Israel
2023      Plates for democracy, Beit Binyamini, The Israeli Ceramic 
Center, Israel
2023      62nd Faenza Prize, The Faenza International Ceramics Museum, Italy
2023      Moving Food: Food Culture on the Timeline, Museum of Philistine Culture, Ashdod, Israel
2023      Conscious Form, Charles Burnand Gallery, UK

2023      Collect art fair, Somerset House, Charles Burnand Gallery,  London, UK
2022      First impression: Elevating the Everyday, Charles Burnand Gallery, London Design Festival, London, UK
2022      Graduation Exhibition, The Royal College of Art, London, UK

​2022      Melting Point, Private Collection View in Chelsea, London, UK

2021      Fresh Paint (Artists’ Greenhouse), contemporary art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2021      Bursting In The Neutral Zone, Sugarhouse Studios, London, UK

2020      WIP Show, The Royal College of Arts, online exhibition

2017      Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

2017      Plaster- Pottery Slam, Beit Binyamini, The Israeli Ceramic Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017      HaMirpesset Show, Open Artist Studio Week, Tel Aviv, Israel

​2016      Solo Show, Before Me In This World, HaMizgaga Museum of Archaeology and Glass, Nahsholim, Israel

2016      Solo Show, Lenses, The Incubator Gallery, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2016      Graduation Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2012      Ceramic Nature, Rubin Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel


Awards & Achievements
2023      shortlisted for the MIC  62nd Faenza Prize
2023      shortlisted for the Brookfield Properties Craft Award, Collect
2022      shortlisted for the Global Design Graduate Show in collaboration with Gucci

2020      Clore-Bezalel Scholarship for MA studies at the Royal College of Art in London

2017      The Blumenthal Award for Excellence, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

2014      Bezalel’s Flower Scholarships for social activity in art education, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

2013      Bezalel’s Flower Scholarships for social activity in art education, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

2022      Guest artist at The Israeli Ceramic Symposium, Givat Haviva, israel

2021      Residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre, Skælskør, Denmark

​Press and Publications
Artist profile, Ceramic Now Magazine, November 2022
"Charles Burnand Gallery to unlock the potential of glass at LDF 2022", STIRpad,  September 2022

Saar,  Yuval, "RCA 2022", Portfolio Magazine, July 2021

Sheffi, Smadar, "Fresh Paint 2021", The Window, October 2021

V&A History of Design and Ceramics and Glass MA1, "In Dialogue with History", Royal College of Art, London, May 2021

​"RCA - Work In Progress", Emerging Potters Magazine,  Issue 23, April/June 2021

Pur, Shira, "The Ceramic Trend Tickles Under the Fingers", Haaretz Gallery Magazine,  1-page article, September 2018

Saar,  Yuval, "2016 Alumni", Portfolio Magazine, July 2016

Harama Magazine, Issue 15, September 2016

​Professional Experience

​2018- present     Founder of Ceramic in Frishman Studio, Israel
2022                     Guest Lecturer, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

2022- present      Writer and Member of the editorial board at Textura Magazine for Material Culture, supported by Beit Binyamini, The Israeli Ceramic
                              Center, Israel

2020                     Guest Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

2020-2022            MA student representative, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Textura Magazine,.Peel the truth: The relationship between the artist and the environment and nature, January 2024
Textura Magazine, Islands of Honey, an installation by the British ceramicist Richard Sally, July 2023
Textura Magazine,  A unique encounter between the works of the ceramist and the writer Edmund de Waal, a reading space, books and people in preparation for the future placement of his works in the National Library, May 2023
Textura Magazine, Transition to the Sublime Object: On the concept of "series" in a group exhibition at Tivon, December 2022

Textura  Magazine, Life in the Collection:  An unmediated encounter with a collection of works of art in the estate of the Dukes Peregrine and Amanda Devonshire, September 2022

Textura  Magazine,  Place to Place: A work by the goldsmith Adi Toch in the Gilbert collection at the V&A, June  2022
Textura  MagazineLayers of Consciousness: Luke Fuller, solo exhibition, March 2022
Textura  MagazineMaterial Preacher: Theaster Gates, a retrospective solo exhibition ,January 2022

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